Mount Ijen Tour Crater Banyuwangi Package

Mount Ijen Tour Crater Package or Ijen Banyuwangi mountain tour package is one of the traveling tour programs in East Java that we specialize in climbing or trekking to Mount Ijen. Where is the location of this volcano located on the border of Banyuwangi, Bondowoso and Situbondo.

The beauty and charm of Mount Ijen tour Crater Banyuwangi
Ijen Kawah Banyuwangi Tourism Package Ijen Crater is a major attraction for adventurous traveling lovers in East Java. At Mount Ijen you need to climb approximately 1-2 hours to see the phenomenon of Ijen Crater lake which is bluish green. Here you can also see the activities of sulfur miners who carry sulfur every day to deliver to the shelter. The most interesting part of this ijen crater tour package is that we will invite you to see the beauty ofliu fire, the ijen blue fire tour, or the blue fire of the ijen crater where a rare phenomenon is the only one in Indonesia. More travel packages to Ijen crater 2 days 1 night please see the schedule below.

For a holiday to Mount Ijen itself the duration of time is enough to take 2 days and 1 night. But if you are interested in combining with other Banyuwangi tour packages such as Pulai Merah Beach, Sukamade Beach, Green Bay Beach, Baluran National Park, Kalibaru Highland and so on you can contact our admin to discuss the tour schedule or the best rundown for you

First day: Surabaya / Malang / Banyuwangi – Wisata Kawah Ijen Bondowoso / Banyuwangi
Ijen Crater Tour Package starts with pick-up at your arrival at Surabaya / Malang airport, hotel or train station. Drive about 6-7 hours to reach the location of Ijen Crater. rest and lunch at a local restaurant around Pasir Putih Beach. After arriving at the closest village to Ijen Crater check in at the inn / hotel around Mount Ijen. Visit Blawan Waterfall and take a break.

Second day: Tourism Ijen Crater Tour / Ijen Blue Fire Tour – Surabaya / Malang
The Ijen Crater travel package or mount Ijen climbing package starts with waking up at 4:00 driving to the Mount Ijen climbing post with about 1 hour, arriving at the Paltuding sstart climbing post for trekking to the Ijen crater lake location with a climbing time of about 1-2 hours, arrived at the crater to enjoy the beautiful scenery around and witness the activity of sulfur miners on Mount Ijen. After being satisfied with the exploration of the cheap Banyuwangi tour, especially the holiday, Ijen returned to Paltuding to continue back to the hotel. Then pack it, after checking out from the inn / hotel then returning back to Malang / Surabaya for 7 hours. Arriving at the agreed place the Kawah Ijen Tour Package program is complete.

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